DDRUM/DSU Custom DLC Movie Guide

This part of the guide is not complete, as it's mostly made with DDRUM2 in mind. Information for UM1 and UM3 will be added at a later date.

Welcome to the guide on making movie direction files for the DDR Ultramix or DS Unleashed games. This guide is intended as an extension to the regular Custom DLC Guide. You will need an application that can read comma-seperated CSV files, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

This is a sample of the first measure in a CSV file for Ultramix 2. To change an item, select the proper cell and fill in the information you want.

You can't modifiy the first 2 configuration lines, as they will be ignored. The earliest change can happen at bar 1, note 2. Anything set on bar 1, note 2 will take place as soon as the game finishes loading.

Save the document as a comma-seperated CSV file named with your song ID. After saving changes, compile the DLC using XLast and upload to your Xbox for testing.

Avaliable Categories

As of 11/27/2022, the information below is only for Ultramix 2. Information on Ultramix/Unleashed 1 and 3 will be added at a later date.

Movie File

Avaliable on all games, this section is to define which XMV movie file to use. You put the file name (not the file extension) in the cell. For a list of avaliable movies, you can refer to the game's /movie/ folder.

While it's possible to use custom XMV files for your DLC, it requires modding your game data. It is not recommended to use custom video files as those playing on a disc or do not have the videos installed will only see the song's background instead.

Movie Transition

Avaliable on all games, this is how the movie will transition to the next movie. This is defined on the same line as the movie being transitioned to.

Due to the sheer amount (78) of avaliable options, the list will be avaliable here.

Movie Transition Time

This defines how many frames it should take to transition to the next movie.

Light Color

This defines the color of the light shined on the dancer. You can use the predefined list or a hex code.

Camera Type

Render Style

This defines how the dancer should be rendered.


Render Param 1-4

Parameters to manipulate the Render Style. I'm not sure what this changes for some styles, but some examples will be shown below.

Remember to recompile your DLC after making any changes!

Thank you for reading.