This is a list of custom DLC I made for DDRUM. Download the pack for the game you intend to play on and launch the installer on your modded Xbox. You must have started the game atleast once before launching the installer, or the installer will refuse installation of the packs. Detailed information on the song pack is avaliable in the tables below.

Custom music packs are for Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix & Dancing Stage Unleashed 1 to 3. If you are a DDRUM4 player, you can only install the DLC unlocker. This is due to the game keeping DLC data on the disc rather than from the hard drive, making it impossible to add new songs without modifying the game itself.

ImagePack Name/DownloadIDSizeSong List
DDRUM4 DLC Unlocker000001020KBThis pack is only for DDRUM4 and is the only pack you can use for the game. This unlocks all DLC songs at the fraction of the size required. Song Pack 16 must be uninstalled to install this pack.
Single Song Pack
UM1 / U1 / UM2 / UM3
  • ON THE JAZZ Smooth House Mix (ont2)
  • Multi Song Pack
    UM1 / U1 / UM2 / UM3
  • 100sec. Kitchen Battle!! (hund)
  • Mikeneko Rock (mike)
  • Tutorials

    Here are some tutorials for crafting custom DLC and directing the movie CSV files. I haven't put much work into these, they're still being written months after I put them up...