August 20th, 2023

New art.

New banners and index graphics.

New blog post for March, April, May, June and July.

Updated Splatoon stats.

Updated beatmania IIDX AC scores and added Taiko no Tatsujin (AC) scores to Other Rhythm Games.

Projects has a new Game Modding category. DDRUM DLC & We Love Katamari Hacking have been moved there.

A Splatoon modding page has been added to the Game Modding category.

Due to recent changes on Twitter, the Japanese CM Bot link has been removed and the bot will no longer be updated...even though it hasn't posted since February.

SORRY FOR THE 5 MONTH WAIT FOR THE UPDATE! I kept putting off the update little by little due to college, up until finals by accident! Then I went on an international vacation and stuff was really, really late... and then my PC's hard drive started to corrupt itself and then I had to move to writing on a different, slower computer! Yay! We love making things difficult!

There are some changes I need to do still, but because of how long this update has been put off and the issues stated above, I will have to update them another time. I apologize for the lack of updates from the beginning of the year. I have, admittely, rushed the update near the end. The next update will be in September. Thank you for waiting patiently. I hope updates will return to being monthly after.

The Katamari Forever Platinum Streams has concluded. Thanks to everyone that watched. If you missed out on the stream, the playlist is avaliable here.