We Love Katamari Hacking Part 4

I just found an address that let's me choose which mission I want to do and which map I want to load! This is very basic, as the layout and map might not work together and there's nothing I can really do about it.

Remember what I said about the namco load screen being a regular stage with flags set to hide the UI? Here, I set the mission value to be 31 (the value for the namco "mission", the game always sets this value in the load screen.) and it brought me to this stage. Yes, you can roll up all 4 parts, but you won't be able to leave. Sometimes, the King's face will get stuck on the screen too.

I can speed this up by setting the mission value before the load screen, so the stage can start playing as the game starts. At first, it'll act like I'm in the load screen, but I can hit START and retry the stage and I'm free!

If I choose to exit to the meadow, the game will drop me into the Select Meadow as if it was a new game. It drops me where the fan who requested the mission would be too.

I loaded the Sun stage and got out of the load prompts. It's an entirely empty solar system. So sad.

Since I have nothing to roll up, I tried modding my size to 2m which is the size you have to be to roll up the Sun. I failed. I guess the first Sun roll is scripted to fail.

One thing I can do is change the mission value in the middle of a level. It causes some weird things to happen. I loaded the Roll up the Sun stage and changed the value to match ALAP5. The stage ended immediately and the King was going through the speech he does when you finish the stage for the first time. It didn't end there. After you finish a normal stage, you are asked if you want to go to the results screen or try again. This is not possible to see in the Sun stage, the stage ends once you beat it. The King asked me if I wanted to play again and it showed me the slot.

I said I wanted to see the results and I got the Royal Rainbow. The King wasn't present as he leaves once the Sun speech is over. With the amount of things that crashes the game, I honestly thought this would also crash it.

When you complete the Sun stage, you either go to the Credits or you get sent back to the meadow. The results screen is never supposed to show up. As you can see, the Earth is really big and the dog is clipping through the King's head. There's also a pretty glitchy text box. I thought maybe something funny would happen. Once I pressed X...

Now the game crashes. The King's head just pops back up and stares at you. There's supposed to be information on the Katamari we just rolled, but there's nothing to get detailed about, so I guess that's why it crashes.

I changed the value in the middle of the load screen and it sent me to the game over screen! This is a common occurance when I change to stages that depend on a unique type of timer, like the fire stage or Earth stage. The King was saying messages he would usually say in the loading screen.

I put value 0 for the mission address, and got this. I have no idea what this is for. The Katamari is on a pretty small platform and there's only people on mats. Is this a test level? The map didn't load, but it works?