We Love Katamari Hacking Part 3

No more size mods. It's time we got serious. I decided the size mod was fun, but I wanted to do something else. I'm on the hunt for more things to screw with.

To get something big, we need to start off small. I wanted to see if I could get the address where the current cousin is stored. After a bit, I got a couple of addresses and wanted to see if anything screws up if I froze those addresses. Expecting nothing to happen, I was soon controlling multiple cousins by myself.

If you can see closely, they have green shadows, meaning player 1 is controlling them. I'm not stopping there, I will have a cousin army. This is pretty tricky to setup, as the game is listening to every single one of these cousins. If one I control has gone to another screen in the Select Meadow, the screen will move to them. This makes it tricky as I will constantly shift between areas and also might accidentally go to the cosmos.

I am slowly gaining power. You can see my presents on some of them, my presents duplicated onto them! Actually, cousins have specific presents for themselves and these do transfer to these clones. You can see with Marcy how the rabbit ears aren't on his head, because it places it where Foomin would wear them.

Everyone has been infected. It's hard to see because the game assumes I wanted to interact with another cousin to change, but I can't do that here.

The funny part of this is that the game makes sure every single cousin is included. When you play the game with 2 players and someone goes to another screen in the meadow, the other player rushes to catch up. This is also valid for this. If one cousin leaves the screen, everybody comes running towards the next screen.

Here's an additional image showing the Foomin little buddy being duplicated to everyone else. These don't properly apply to everyone, as you can see with Twinkle holding a Foomin!

The unique presents got me wondering. Can I do anything interesting with the presents? I got to work quickly and after a bit, I got the values.

All the regular presents you can obtain via Royal Presents go up to value 24. After 24 is where the stage exclusive presents are at. In some stages, your player gets a special outfit. In the raincloud stage, you get an angel costume. In the campfire stage, your antennae get decorated with fire. The best one of the bunch, in the racetrack stage, you get your own vehicle, but it's completely unique to that cousin! The Prince has a goose, Miki has a tricycle, Odeko has a top hat... it's so cute.

These are all able to be viewed using cheats inside the present cake. This is where all good things end though.

The game will fight to never display these things outside of their stages, and you will lose.

The game crashes if you try putting them on in the cake, and if you force it to be on your cousin before a stage starts, it won't show up. I'm guessing the special hats don't show up in stages because the game never loads them. It's so lame! I hope it's only me not looking at the wrong addresses.

I was really concerned how I can get 10,000 stardust in the Sun stage. I decided to start an investigation into stardust.

At the start of the game, you start with 0 stardust. You gain a random amount of stardust during each level. Destroying a katamari produces more stardust, destroying a planet produces even more. The game limits the stardust to exactly 10,000.

The game gives you extra constellations if you have enough stardust. Here's the amount you need to unlock them.

ConstellationStars Req.
Big Dipper400
Vega & Altair700
Background Stars1001
Black Hole1500
Space Station1700
White Hole2000
Background Stars3001

It's unfortunate that my journey ends here. It's not like setting it over 10,000 will spawn more stars. It'll only spawn the first 10,000 stars and it will ignore the rest. The game crashes if you set it over 30,000. What a shame...