Splatoon Modding

This is my basic notes page where I put information on stuff I'm playing with the games here. Feel free to use this, but be careful about getting banned and please be mindful of using this online.

Please note that this is not a tutorial. Doing these mods require some basic knowledge on how to extract and modify Switch games. These mods were done on Ryujinx.

Adding Scopes to Chargers

Some chargers do not come with a scoped variant. This includes the Squiffer, Bamboozler, and Grizzco Charger. These weapons do not come with scoped variants because they charge too fast for a scoped variant to be anything but dizzying to use.

Internally, scoped variants are nearly duplicates (removing the charge saving feature) of the non-scoped entry with only a single dictionary object entry added: WeaponScopeParam. Adding this object and a $type key containing "spl__WeaponScopeParam" will make the weapon function with the scope. Nothing else is required.

There is an extra key called CameraFovy that can be added which allows the change of FOV to a specific value. The E-Liter 4K Scope is the only scope that uses this.

Enabling Trajectory and Charge Storage to Stringers

As of version 4.1.0, no Stringers have no way to see trajectory lines or to keep a charge when swimming. Both of these options are in the entries for those weapons. These settings are booleans, so you only need to flip a switch to enable them. There are more values to modify to get proper charge saving, as by default, the Stringers only keep their charge for 1 frame.

A bit of theorizing here: I think that being able to see the trajectory of your shot might've been either a testing feature or Stringers were supposed to be like chargers where everybody can see where you were aiming. I have doubts that a weapon with this feature will be released.

Mem Cakes (Splatoon 2)

In Octo Expansion, you can obtain these memory cakes after completing a level. These cakes, while seeming to be a 3D model, are nothing more than textures that get 3D models generated at runtime.

It's generated by the RGB channels giving the colors and the alpha channel giving the shape, like a normal image. It's a bit different, as the alpha channel actually hides part of the RGB channel. Those colors are used to give the side of the cake it's color, as it's not texture clipping.

Here are some visual examples. When we normally create an image, the shape of the RGBA channels are usually the same.

If we import an image with the channels setup like this, we'll notice that the sides are white.

The following is how cakes are usually setup:

As you can see, without the alpha channel, we can see a lot more color. The data hiding under the alpha channel is what color the sides. This can be then imported to the game.

Paint.net cannot modify channels seperately, so using something like Photoshop can help fill in the sides.

To edit the cake name or poem, you will have to edit the message archive that stores them. This message archive is not in the DLC's data, rather it's stored in the update data with the base game's message data.

Internal Names and Other RSDB Values

These are internal names for some weapons taken from the resource database files. These can be used to create new weapon kits. Please note that modifying weapon kits and playing online/local/LAN is an immediate ban, as I believe the game does some verification of weapon stats before going online.

Special Weapons

Special WeaponsInternal NameRSDB Name
Kraken RoyaleCastleWork/Gyml/SpCastle.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Ink VacBlowerWork/Gyml/SpBlower.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Crab TankChariotWork/Gyml/SpChariot.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Super ChumpFireworkWork/Gyml/SpFirework.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Big BubblerGreatBarrierWork/Gyml/SpGreatBarrier.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Smallfry (Story)IkuraShootWork/Gyml/SpIkuraShoot.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml(?)
Splashdown (Story)SuperLandingWork/Gyml/SpSuperLanding.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Ink StormInkStormWork/Gyml/SpInkStorm.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Killer Wail 5.1MicroLaserWork/Gyml/SpMicroLaser.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Tenta MisslesMultiMissleWork/Gyml/SpMultiMissile.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Booyah BombNiceBall*Work/Gyml/SpNiceBall.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Wave BreakerShockSonarWork/Gyml/SpShockSonar.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Triple InkstrikeTripleTornado*Work/Gyml/SpTripleTornado.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml
Ultra StampUltraStamp*Work/Gyml/SpUltraStamp.spl__WeaponInfoSpecial.gyml

* Internal name based off Japanese name