Game Boy Color CD

We also make accessories for the leading systems on the market! The Game Boy Color is a wonderful machine which does absolutely nothing and still sold well! It's dissapointing that the Game Boy Color used the disgusting, outdated cartridges instead of the new CD-ROM technlogy. So we decided to make CDs portable. Now, you can go everywhere while playing your CD-ROM games!


Connect the Indestructible Device Extension-cable cable into the cartridge port of the console. If it does not fit, do not worry, this is a common question with owners of the Game Boy Color CD and it will not affect play. If you have an AC adapter, you must plug it into the wall. Make sure to plug the AC adapter directly into the wall, any powerstrips or transformers will be made unusable if you plug the AC adapter into them. This is because the CD drive needs a minimum of 4500 watts to power on. Turn on the Game Boy Color and the game will load. Please wait for upwards of 40 years for the game to load.


My CD drive broke! How long is the warranty?

The warranty lasts for 5 months before purchase. Drives that are out of warranty require a $30,000 minimum fee to service. Our repair centers are flexible with payment. We will hold the CD drive for ransom if the owner does not have the money to pay expenses.

Why does it take 40 years for my game to load?

To prevent any skips during gameplay while still providing the highest quality CD-ROM technology, we load the entire game into different memory banks located inside the drive. To prevent illegal copying, the drive encrypts the data before sending it to the Game Boy Color, which will then be decrypted there. If the user turns off the system or the system loses battery power during operation, the drive may fail or the system will become busted. Incidents involving this case will not be covered by warranty.

What are all the other ports for?

We plan to have faster loading times and compatability with multiple CD drives in the near future. We are currently prototyping a loading method that can transmit data using the Game Boy Color's IR blaster. The IR blaster adapter can improve speeds up to x0.04 times! It will be released in the holiday season of 2023.

There's a deep scratch on my disc! What happened?

To prevent illegal copying of our discs, we have made a system which the drive will make a permanent and deep scratch on the disc to signify that the disc was used with the system. This may also impact reading the disc on other Game Boy Color CD drives. During testing, we can prove that there is a satisfactory 60% failure rate of discs that have be scratched.

Does this CD drive use the batteries to power itself?

It does not require use of an external power supply for the drive. Since the AC adapter is a seperate purchase from the drive, users can instead use the Game Boy Color's batteries to power the drive. This uses up a considerable amount of energy and performance is impacted. If the user uses an AC adapter, the drive will instead be 50% powered by the AC adapter.