Mario Goes To IKEA

Mario Goes To IKEA is the succesor to Mario Gets A Glass Of Milk, Mario Does His Taxes, and Mario Goes To McDonalds. The game focuses on the same gameplay, but this time Mario heads to IKEA. "The series will probably never end, as it does very well." -Miyamoto. The team behind the series had trouble thinking of a new idea again, so they decided to ask IKEA for help, they told them that Mario could go to IKEA and this time players could build their own house.


Taking place after Mario Does His Taxes, Mario gets robbed and his house becomes empty. Mario decides to grab his shotgun and he starts shooting creatures. After a while, Mario discovers IKEA and decides to go in there and rob the place. Mario gets in a battle with the cops, but then he comes back to life and then the police notice how powerful Mario is. The cops then send Mario out on an adventure to go kill IKEA's customer service since it's very bad. Mario first travels to IKEA headquarters, thinking that's where the customer service is stationed. However, it appears that IKEA had outsourced their customer service to a random building in the United States of America. When Mario eventually reaches the IKEA customer service, he notices Bowser has taken over it. Mario gets in a battle with him but he defeats him. IKEA is then brought peace once again. After beating the game, players can choose different characters, the same ones from Mario Does His Taxes and Mario Goes To McDonalds.


The gameplay is the same as the other installments in the series, Mario can shoot others and he can raid places. There is a new feature in the game where the player can go to their house and decorate it, similar to Animal Crossing. You are able to purchase your furniture from Target and Walmart. After beating the game, you can switch your character but this time each character has a different story with IKEA.