Mario Does His Taxes

Mario Does His Taxes is a game for the Nintendo Switch. It is the succesor to Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk. The game is rated M for Mature, a second time in the series. Miyamoto stated that Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk was so well received that it needed a sequel, this time Miyamoto wanted it to be educational based but still have the same gameplay as last time. The game focuses around Mario trying to steal the Declaration of Independence while doing taxes.


After escaping the devil in Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk, Mario returns home and wakes up to open his mailbox only to find taxes. Mario is stressed out and gets mad at the government, Mario decides to do some of his taxes before taking matters into his own hands. After some math, Mario grabs his shotgun and pistol and goes after the government, Mario roams through the Mushroom Kingdom shooting creatures. Once Mario gets to Washington D.C, Bowser is in the White House charging everyone with taxes. Mario decides to kill Bowser and he takes over the White House, Mario then has to do more taxes before he can rule the entire country. Mario takes over and steals the declaration of independence and then he goes on a killing spree, but after each level the player must do taxes with Mario.


The gameplay is similar to Mario Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk but this time more weapons have been added and new special abilities have been added, Mario also has to do taxes. Players can use a calculator or get hints from the internet. Also, other characters are now playable after beating the game, with other characters, levels have been tweaked and have been made harder.

Luigi: Jumps higher and can shoot faster, but runs slower.
Peach: Can float and shoots very slow.
Rosalina: Can do a spin attack and she can run fast but shoots slow.
Daisy: Can break down doors or windows.
Toad: Can run very fast and shoots at a fast speed.
Donkey Kong: Can throw enemies and other objects but runs slow.
Toadette: Can do taxes easier.
Gold Mario: Very slow run speed, does taxes terribly, horrible fire rate, has a terrible jump: Only for the pros.

Players can also go online and fill out real people's taxes. They will be graded based on how accurate they've filled out the form. If the player fails to accurately fill out the tax form, the recipient will be arrested for tax fraud.