Pop'n Music Lively Information

Quick page I made so I could reference info faster rather than have all information scattered everywhere. Also some information for people who want to subscribe to Lively. Information written is for pop'n music Lively, but it may be useful for the arcade versions. Sources are listed at the very end of the page.

Subscribing to Lively

About Maintenance: Maintenance of the e-amusement service occurs weekdays at 5AM - 7AM JST, with the third Tuesday of every month having a longer period of 2AM - 7AM JST. During this period, you cannot play Konaste games, access the marketplace, or manage course subscriptions. Make sure you have enough time to subscribe before maintenance hits.

To subscribe to pop'n music Lively, you will need a Japanese KONAMI ID account, an e-amusement pass (virtual or physical), and a payment method. Majority of the 573 site is in Japanese, so a translation tool is recommended.

To create a Japanese KONAMI ID account, simply go here and register for an account. You MUST have your region set to Japan (日本). If you are using an account that does not have this set, you cannot make use of PASELI or access the payment options and will not be able to change it.

An e-amusement pass is required to save game data. If you have a physicial card from your arcade, you can attach it to your account here. If you do not have a physical card, you can instead create a virtual card here. The virtual e-amusement pass does not require payment to generate. If you intend to use PASELI, make sure your PASELI usage settings is set to ON in the green box on the e-amusement pass menu.

Note: At this point, you will need to save payment details. If you are to use a credit card, please note that all purchases made in the site will be done in JPY. Some banks charge conversion fees or deny these purchases. If you cannot use a card, you can try recharging PASELI using BitCash instead.

Afterwards, you need to link a payment option to your KONAMI ID. This can be in the form of PASELI† or a credit card. If you are using a credit card, go to this page and click on Payment (お支払い). You will then fill out your card details. If you are using PASELI, you can recharge your balance here. On this page, you can click on which payment method (the big giant button below your balance) you want to recharge with and fill out the payment information.

Once everything is setup, you can lead yourself to the course subscription page and subscribe to pop'n music Lively. Click on "pop'n music Lively ベーシックコース" and click on the subscribe (了承する) button. The site will then ask you how you want to pay. Select either credit card (クレジットカード) or PASELI. You will be charged and, if everything goes well, can play pop'n music Lively. The game can then be installed from here. Translations of menus are avaliable below.

You will be charged for your subscriptions every month on the day you subscribed. If you do not have enough funds in your PASELI account or your card declines when your next payment is due, the system will automatically unsubscribe you from the course. Game save data will not be affected.

Note: On October 19th, 2022, Konami has changed when billing occurs. Subscriptions made after the mentioned date will pay every month on the day the subscription has been made. For those who subscribed before the date, you will continue to be billed on the 1st day of the month.

If you want to unsubscribe, go back to the course subscription page, select "pop'n music Lively ベーシックコース" and click on the cancel (解約確認に進む) text. After confirming your cancellation, your subscription will no longer renew. You will still be able to play the game until your next billing. If you resubscribe during your cancelled month, you will not be charged again. Game save data will not be affected.

To purchase new song packs or Lively Tickets, access the marketplace. You can use PASELI or your credit card. Depending on your settings, you may need to type in your password before you can purchase the items. No confirmation is required when you press the purchase button. You will immediately be charged once you click it.

† PASELI is a monetary balance within your KONAMI ID and is an alternative way to pay for things in Konami's games and services. You can recharge yen into your account using a credit card or BitCash gift cards.

Startup Menu

After logging in from the Lively shortcut, the pop'n music Lively Launcher will appear. If you are starting the game for the first time, the launcher will ask to start installing game data. Below are translated names of the options on screen.

Terms of Service (利用規約)Opens the Konaste TOS in your browser.
File Verification (ファイル確認)Checks your game data for integrity errors.
SETTINGAdjust game settings, translated below.
Start Game (ゲームスタート!)Launches the game.

If the Start Game button is greyed out, an error has occurred. Try logging in again from the Lively shortcut and verifying your game data. If the problem persists, look up the error code that displays in the middle of the launcher below the buttons.

Settings Menu

There are only two options in the settings menu.

Screen Mode (画面モード)Windowed (ウィンドウ) or Fullscreen (フルスクリーン)
Chattering Filter (チャタリングフィルター)Reduces unintentional input if checked.

Option Menu

Press the right yellow button before a song starts to open the option menu.

HI-SPEED - Increase the note speed by multiplying the BPM from x1.0 to x10.0 by multiples of x0.1.

POP-KUN - Change the note skin.

NORMALPop-kun will display as their button's respective color.
BEAT POPPop-kun will display as IIDX notes. Bottom row is white, top row is blue.
CHARA POP(YOU)Pop-kun will display as your character's icon. Bottom row is 1P color, top row is 2P color or a unique icon.
CHARA POP(RIVAL)Pop-kun will display as your rivals's icon. Bottom row is 1P color, top row is 2P color or a unique icon.

GAUGE TYPE - Change the difficulty of the gauge.

NORMALGroove gauge will decrease normally.
EASYGroove gauge will decrease less when a note is missed. Passing a song earns you an EASY medal.
HARDGroove gauge will decrease more when a note is missed.
DANGERGroove gauge will empty if a note is missed.

GUIDE SE - Enable a sound effect to play depending on the accuracy of the note hit. The sound can be changed from the SKIN options.

ON 大A loud guide sound will play when you hit a note.
OFFNo guide sound will play when you hit a note.
ON 小A quiet guide sound will play when you hit a note.

RANDOM - Modify the chart by manipulating the notes that appear.

OFFChart is normal.
MIRRORChart is mirrored.
RANDOMChart buttons are mixed.
S-RANDOMAll chart notes are randomized.

JUDGE+ - Have a FAST/SLOW timing judge appear when you hit a note.

OFFNo timing judge will appear.
TIMINGA timing judge will appear.
LOSTA timing judge will appear and show the opposite timing judgement and accuracy you got.
PANICThe timing judge will give incorrect timing judgement, accuracy, combo numbers, and note beam.

HIDDEN - Press a yellow button on the options page to have notes disappear the closer to the judgement line they are. The height can be changed with the blue buttons. Pressing 1 on the keypad during play will toggle HIDDEN.

SUDDEN - Press a yellow button on the options page to have notes appear closer to the judgement line. The height can be changed with the blue buttons. Pressing 0 on the keypad during play will toggle SUDDEN.

OJAMA1 and OJAMA2 - A long list of tricks that you can choose. Pressing the yellow button can make the Ojamas appear the entire song duration. Please refer to the section dedicated to Ojamas below.

AUTO TYPE - Autoplay function. Any scores made when this feature is ON will NOT be saved.

OFFNormal play.
ONNotes specified to this button will be played automatically and increase combo and score.
ERASENotes specfiied to this button will not appear at all, not increasing combo or score.

SKIN - Change skins and BGM. Skins and BGM must be bought using Lively Tickets from the store.

Ojama Information

Ojamas are tricks that will occur in the middle of your play. Pressing a yellow button when setting ojamas will make it appear for the entire song. Some goals require a specific ojama to be used. Please note that some ojamas cannot be enabled when other ojamas are enabled.

ミニポップ君Pop-kun will display smaller than usual.
ファットポップ君Pop-kun will display larger than usual.
しろポップ君Pop-kun will lose their color.
バラバラポップ君Pop-kun sizes will be randomized.
ドキドキポップ君Pop-kun will grow in size to the beat.
ナゾイロポップ君The colors of the Pop-kun will be randomized.
くるくるポップ君Pop-kun will rotate.
上下プレスThe lane will be squished horizontally.
左右プレスThe lane will be squished vertically.
上下プレス&プレスThe lane will be squished horizontally repeatedly.
左右プレス&プレスThe lane will be squished vertically repeatedly.
左右さかさまThe lane will flip upside down.
爆発(SPIRAL)Pop-kun will swirl down.
爆発(CIRCLE)Pop-kun will swirl down in a different manner than SPIRAL.
カエルポップ君Pop-kun will jump up and down.
色々爆発Pop-kun will shake violently.
EXCITEPop-kun will shift to different lanes as it reaches the judgement line.
GOODがBADに!!All GOODs will be treated as BADs.
COOL or BAD!!Anything other than a COOL will be treated as a BAD.
縦分身Pop-kun will have a vertical ghosting effect.
横分身Pop-kun will have fake Pop-kuns appear on the side.
ふわふわ判定ラインThe judgement line will go up and down.
超ふわふわ判定ラインThe judgement line will go up and down rapidly?
ファットふわふわ判定ラインThe judgement line will become bigger than usual?
にせポップ君の嵐Massive amounts of fake Pop-kun will overlay the play area.
ポップ君の竜巻A tornado of Pop-kun will go back and forth on the play area.
地震でぐらぐらPlay area will shake around.
ダークThe background and lane will turn dark.
ダンスThe rival character will dance on top of the lanes, blocking notes.
ボンバーAdditional notes appearing as bombs will appear. Hitting them will cover notes and decrease the groove gauge.
ミクロポップ君Pop-kun will display smaller than the ミニポップ君 ojama.
ズームポップ君Pop-kun will display larger than the ファットポップ君 ojama.
クロスSimilar to EXCITE, but the Pop-kun will slowly transition to a new lane as it appears.
トリックThe note beam will appear in the opposite button.
スライドPlay area will shift to the right.
交互プレスThe play area will be repeatedly squised from all sides.

Clear Information

At the end of a song, the game rewards you a medal and rank based on your play.

Gold ★Perfect Clear (0 GOODs and BADs)
Silver ★Full Combo Clear (1 to 5 GOODs, no BADs)
Silver ◆Full Combo Clear (6 to 20 GOODs, no BADs)
Silver ●Full Combo Clear (21+ GOODs, no BADs)
Bronze ★Normal Clear (1 to 5 BADs)
Bronze ◆Normal Clear (6 to 20 BADs)
Bronze ●Normal Clear (21+ BADs)
SaplingEasy Clear
Black ★Failed, gauge has 15 or 16 bars.
Black ◆Failed, gauge has 12 to 14 bars.
Black ●Failed, gauge has 11 or less bars.

Ranks AA and above require a clear to obtain.

RankScore Required


To unlock monthly quest songs or ticket quest songs, you will have to clear missions to slowly build up the unlock gauge. Here are some translated quest requirements and how to achieve them.

X曲プレーしょうPlay X amount of songs
pop'n music X-Yの曲を3曲プレーしょうPlay 3 songs from a specific range of pop'n music titles. (example: pop'n 16~20)
SCOREを累計でX万点ためようObtain X thousand points total.
MAX COMBOの合計をXためようObtain X total MAX COMBO.
COOLをX個ためようObtain X amount of total COOLs.
白レーンのポップ君をX個叩こうPress the white buttons X times in total during play.
黄レーンのポップ君をX個叩こうPress the yellow buttons X times in total during play.
緑レーンのポップ君をX個叩こうPress the green buttons X times in total during play.
青レーンのポップ君をX個叩こうPress the blue buttons X times in total during play.
赤レーンのポップ君をX個叩こうPress the red button X times in total during play.
おじゃま系のXオプションをつけてY回プレーしょうPlay a song with X ojama on Y times. It does not need to be permanently enabled.
フルコンボをX回達成しょうGet 1 full combo. No level or difficulty requirement.
パーフェクトをX回達成しょうGet 1 perfect clear, 0 goods and bads. No level or difficulty requirement.


The pop'n music Lively website contains settings and other information you can view and change.

StatusView your Lively user info.
Title List/ChangeChange your Lively title and view unlock requirements for other titles.
Player Name ChangeChange your Lively username.
MY Pop'n Friend Lively SettingsAdjust privacy settings for your Lively information.
MY Pop'n Friend ListShow your Lively Friend list.
MY Pop'n Friend InboxLists people who want to add you to their Lively Friend list.
Pop'n Friend SearchSearch for people by Lively ID, name, or similar skill level.
People who follow youPeople who have you as a rival.
Lively TicketDisplay amount of paid and free Lively tickets.


asagaolabo @ ポップン百科大事典 - Medal information & rank requirements