September 25th, 2021

Hey all, Alan here!

I went to Round1 again. Since school has been back in session for most, it's been pretty empty when I got there. I had the entire arcade to myself finally! I got on IIDX and played songs I've been listening to since I last played. I also managed a few A levels.

I tried doing the classes again and just barely raised myself up to 1st Kyu! I could've got 1st Dan, but my index finger was experiencing so much pain that it started to affect my performance near the end and I lost it! I should've stopped playing anyways.

I went to GITADORA right after. I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it now. I got to one of the Mikeneko songs, Mikeneko Rock n' Roll. I've been absolutely loving it. So much so, that I played it 13 whole times when I was there. I was so close to getting a full combo, but I was off by only 3 notes...

I found out GITADORA isn't like most BEMANI games where you must subscribe to a service to view scores online. I should be able to make a score page for GITADORA now.

Towards the end, I went to the crane games to screw around and I won 2 red Yoshis. I got a little greedy and thought I could win more and spent a bit more than I should've. I grabbed a blue Yoshi and it fell halfway through.

A few days ago, Katamari Damacy Reroll for PS4 was on sale. I bought it and I can confirm that it is indeed Katamari Damacy. I thought the input delay I had on the Switch version was exclusive to that, but it appears that it also exists here too. What a shame.

I am playing it way more than I did on my Switch though. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't touched my Switch in months. I don't think I played it at all since I finished Mad Rat Dead.

The trophies for Reroll are insanely easy. All of it is just clearing levels and the standard completed collection trophy. It's weird how the trophies for clearing Make A Star 6 and later, as of writing, are rare trophies. Did people stop playing midway through? I don't blame them, I'm not a fan of the first Katamari game.

I've recently found a artist I've been listening to often. His name is Ryo Fukui. His music came up in a Spotify shuffle playlist for jazz music. I don't know if his music is avaliable outside of Japan. You might have to look up his romanized name instead. I look forward to finding more people to listen to.