September 10th, 2021

Hey all, Alan here!

I went to Round1 for my birthday. I went during the worst time, e-amusement maintenance. It always happens... During that time, I went to a GameStop close by and bought Mad Rat Dead on PS4. The update came out when I last updated the site, so I should push my scores here.

Of course, there were other rhythm games that aren't dependant on the e-amusement service, but everybody was playing those. Once someone got off the WACCA machine, someone else got on. It was a bit annoying, but nobody was touching beatmania IIDX. I didn't feel like playing IIDX though.

Nobody was touching GITADORA though. I decided to play drummania and I thought it was very fun. I think the drum layout was confusing, but I will try my best to get used to it. I wish there was a home controller for this, but with the drums being an all out Yamaha electronic drum set, I guess it'll be expensive. How unfortunate.

I want to go back and play it again.

So many people get on drummania, but they never complete a single game, much less a song. I've seen a lot of people not see where the drumsticks are, so they instead slap the drums with their hands. I hope that doesn't damage anything.

I also got a free credit on it, someone paid for a game but didn't play it. It was my luckiest day so far. There was 2 credits on MUSECA and 3 on DANCERUSH STARDOM. Too bad I don't play DANCERUSH and MUSECA is dead. I guess it's not that lucky?

Then again, my brother got a Toad plush first try in one of the crane machines.

Someone was trying so hard to get the Toad before we came. They moved to the machine right next to it and saw my brother got it first try. I hope they aren't mad.

I recently subscribed to PlayStation Now. I initally did it so Katamari Forever's trophies can actually mean something to me. My PS3 is hacked and I'm sure that my PSN account will get banned if I try something as simple as going online with it. I managed to snag the platinum trophy.

As a little celebration, I recorded the final few minutes of me trying to roll up the last object in my collection. It was the Cowbear from the Cowbear stage!

I will go ahead and put any scores from this save file onto this site. I don't think I'm able to download the save data to my PS3 in any capacity. Once my subscription expires, it's goodbye to my data unless I renew. Some scores aren't that great, but I'll improve them one of these days.

This service is not for me honestly. I don't like most of the library. Outside of Katamari, I only played a single game. PS3 streaming for me was pretty good, it would never degrade in video quality, but it would come at a cost of the Share button. You can't take photos or record video when streaming.

Whenever I look up PlayStation Now on Google, I never get any good press. It's always people saying that Sony doesn't really do a good job trying to hold it up. I agree with that, it looks as if Now doesn't really have anything worthwhile. Then again, it could also be that I don't really care.

A new game I played on PlayStation Now was Ape Escape 2. I finished playing Katamari Forever and had no idea what to play next. A friend recommended Ape Escape 2 and I decided to play it. I like it a lot. I went ahead and collected all 200 monkeys and then did it again with Spike. Doing so got me all the trophies in the game.

Afterwards, I played Ape Escape 3. It wasn't avaliable on PS4 at all, so I had to use my PS2 to play it. Ape Escape 3 was even better than Ape Escape 2. I also collected every single monkey on that game aswell. These games have so much charm to them, I love it. I also played Ape Escape 1, which I beat in a day. It's not as fun as 2 or 3, but it's still fun.