June 20th, 2021

Hey all, Alan here!

I took the time to finish Touch My Katamari. It turns out I gave up playing when there was only 1 level between me and the credits. Is it really that short?

My thoughts still stand, this game seems rushed. There's no complete collection, no way to see the planets you make, there's very little missions to do with barely any maps to play on. The stretching Katamari gimmick is alright, even helpful in some cases. If I come across an item stuck inside an area where I'm too big to enter, I can stretch my Katamari to fit in and roll it up.

It's also pretty weird how they didn't put every cousin in the game, instead combining a few to have only 14 cousins in the game. While it's unfortunate that so many cousins couldn't appear, the designs of the combined cousins are nice. Daisy Foomin is pretty. I also like the idea of customizing the King, even if the King himself looks ugly.

As of writing this, I have not touched any of the DLC because I don't have the Fan Damacys to play them. You see, the free DLC isn't really free. When you download the pack from the PlayStation Store, you don't have immediate access to it. You need to get 10 Fan Damacys that randomly appear in the levels and unlock the DLC using them. If you are having too much trouble getting them to appear, you also have the choice to pay microtransactions to get a handful of them. Of course, paying for Fan Damacys are entirely optional, but it sucks.

I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since it came out. I remember being excited for it and then seeing videos for it. I was pretty unimpressed. I wonder if Bandai Namco will ever give us a whole new Katamari game.

I recently finished 3rd Kyu in beatmania IIDX. My average was around 60% and passed close to 25%, which isn't very good. 2nd Kyu will kill me unless I start practicing level 6 songs. I played a few and only passed one, and even then, I played most of that song horribly.

I got enough Mog for a yellow suit though. I'll save up for a hand item next.

I also got another full combo on We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 on CS12. Is it really a full combo if I got poor twice? The game says it is, so I'm running with it.

I want to play more songs, but I don't have a lot of space in my PS2's hard drive and physical copies for these games are expensive. They usually range between 30 to 80 dollars. That seems to be the normal price range for BEMANI console games. I think pop'n music 14 goes for almost 60 dollars.