February 25th, 2024

Splatoon 3: Side Order finally came out last week, a full year after the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass initally came out. The DLC also coincides with the release of Ver. 7.0.0, which I'll touch upon when the next season starts next month.

Like last time, I will be putting my thoughts into spoilers for those who haven't played the expansion yet. If you already have or just don't care, click on the headers below to see more.

Side Order - Introduction & 10F Run

Side Order - Runs

Side Order - 30F Boss + Final Thoughts

Side Order - Final Palette

Overall, I think the DLC is pretty fun. I like how it's not a mission-based story mode like Octo Expansion and you have more control on what you want to do.

If you want me to pitch Octo Expansion and Side Order against each other, it's a close match. Each expansion had it's own great aspects. I like Octo Expansion's story but the Side Order gameplay is really fun!

Anyways, new stuff from Japan, as usual.

This is DS Rakubiki Jiten. It's a Japanese & English dictionary, which digitizes some commercially-avaliable dictionaries to a DS card.

Of course, as a dictionary, it serves its purpose. One thing to note is the additional tools and games it has.

One game is the Game & Watch Ball minigame. By typing in GAME & WATCH or ボール, you can bring up a playable Game & Watch ball minigame.

You might've caught on that this UI looks strangely like PictoChat. Well, it also has a PictoChat client. You can copy definitions, high scores, or tool output and paste it to a chat room. Since this client seperate from the BIOS, this software is the only official way to use PictoChat on 3DS systems.

Another tool is the Parapara Manga. It allows you to create a 50-frame flipbook animation. There didn't seem to be any saved animation when I got the card.

A year later, DS Rakubiki Jiten was re-released soon after as Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten. The new re-release includes Kanji input as well as voice over. It does get rid of some tools, like the flipbook or the 1101 tab. PictoChat still remains and more Game & Watch games were added.

After the DS releases, the Rakubiki Jiten games were re-released as 3 seperate DSiWare apps. One was preinstalled in all DSi LL systems. The apps only covered a part of the dictionary and lacked the tools.

I also bought Made in Wario. It's the first one for GBA. No box or manual, I didn't really care.

Previous owner played a good bit of it, but didn't complete the final Wario stage. The guide is almost completed, with some of the final Wario games done, but I guess they just lost interest since they technically already played the whoel game.

Danganronpa was also a buy. I played this game when I was like... 8, I think. I bought it cause it's funny to make fun of it.

It's strange to buy PSP games when my PSP doesn't have a functioning UMD drive. I grew up with the console though, played a lot of imports on it. That's not to mention how many PSX games I played on it. I want a new PSP since mine is in horrible condition.

I also got this copy of Donkey Konga. I used to own the Konga controller, but it broke a while ago. I remember it was pretty awful to use.

It's an alright game. The GameCube barely had any rhythm games, so I guess this is as good as it gets. I won't buy the controller again, it was probably the worst rhythm game controller I played with. I had to push on the top of the bongos so the mic wouldn't pick up the sound and do the wrong input.

Please do not talk to me about anything recently about this coyote. I will kill myself.

I also have this LD. I got it for only $4. I don't think it has disc rot.

I'm still out for a player though. If you read the December 2022 post, you would remember that I did try to buy one, but it got smashed in transit. It sits in my basement. It's sad to see.

Here's a PS2 memory card. It's a white one that I believe was only sold for 100 yen. It's really clean!

I put it into my PS2 and there's not a lot of save data, only having Ape Escape 2 and Disney Golf. There doesn't seem to be any deleted saves at all. The history doesn't seem to be any different either. I guess that explains the cleanliness.

Another DS game I got is Love Plus+. This is the sequel to Love Plus that contains much more content, the back stating it has 4 gigabits (512MB) of ROM space!

I actually tried getting this game earlier from the same seller, but they shipped my proxy the wrong game.

I played the original Love Plus with a translation a couple of times. I can describe it as Tokimeki Memorial but simplified. Unlike Tokimemo, majority of the game's content comes after a confession.

The Tokyo Tower costume, unlockable by playing the Local Gacha.

One feature this game adds is the Local Gacha. You were supposed to go to different prefectures and connect to a DS Station kiosk to play the gacha. You would then be able to transmit the animation to other people over local wireless.

For the uninitiated, DS Stations are kiosks which transmit DS demos and other services in stores. It's similar to Nintendo Zone or DS Download Stations in America. In 2012, they were replaced with 3DS Stations. According to this wiki page talk section, the 3DS Stations still work with the gacha as late as 2015. It doesn't matter anyways, as 3DS Stations were removed in 2020. It's not like these animations were DLC or anything, there exists codes to unlock all of them.

You might be thinking what was the point of buying a dating sim if I can't read? If you manage to get a confession, you can play Puzzle Dama!

I lose on the second stage. Boo.

As I said previously, this is playable after you get a confession out of someone. You can play as Mimi & Nyami from pop'n music, Sharon and Media from Quiz Magic Academy, Dixie from Rumble Roses, or your girlfriend. If you manage to play well, you get to face Shiori from Tokimeki Memorial.

One of the dreams you can have during the game makes it look like Tokimeki!

This game has a lot of callbacks to Tokimeki Memorial. It's funny since the last Tokimeki Memorial game that isn't the Girl's Side games was released in 2009, a year before Love Plus+. There hasn't been a Love Plus game since 2014 too. I wonder if Girl's Side is better than the standard games because people fight for those games on Yahoo Auctions.

Some Famitsu magazines arrived. They're in great condition!

This old one is from October 6th, 1995. The binding is a little screwy. This is my first magazine that was published when Famitsu was still known as Famicom Tsushin.

Look at this double-page spread for Puyo Puyo Tsu on Sega Saturn!

At this point of time, the PS1 and Saturn were already out, while Super Famicom was still Nintendo's latest console.

There's some coverage for 3DO software. The 3DO was rather popular in Japan, with the console getting its own category on the site. I probably won't buy one from there though, if ever.

This is a management game for 3DO.

I heard the 3DO was rather popular over here in America for a bit before the PS1 and Saturn actually came out. It sounds believable.

There's a small catalog at the end of the magazines. It shows this one VHS tape. I'm not entire sure what it is, but it seems to be some DJ celebrity doing talking with some big names while also doing a gig. I was interested in Namie Amuro being apart of the program, as she recently debuted at the time and was a massive hit.

This is an advert for Hamelin no Violin Hiki. Looking at the advert makes the game look fun. I might play it.

This one is from October 27th, 2000. The PS2 was already out for half a year.

One of the opening adverts is for Rhyme Rider Kerorikan, a rhythm game for the WonderSwan Color by NanaOn-Sha. I want it.

I want a Wonderswan Color. I know there's a beatmania game on there too. Maybe one of these days.

There's a bit of coverage of the Amusement Machine Show of that year. They played a bit of Shakatto Tambourine, which ended up the magazine's most favorite from the show.

I was looking at the upcoming releases section of the magazine when I came across this part. This section is the upcoming software for the Sega Dreamcast. While I haven't gone through each of these games, there are some here that went unreleased. AQUA PANIC, Type X: Spiral Nightmare, Baldur's Gate, and Dee Dee Planet were all cancelled.

This recent one is from January 6th, 2022. The main topic of the magazine is asking game producers what their favorite games of 2021 were.

Compared to the older issues, this magazine didn't really capture my attention that much.

I got a Canopus ADVC-110. I wanted a slim DV capture device for my room. This was listed on Yahoo Auctions. It was listed as untested junk, so it was a pretty easy win. The original price sticker was left intact, with an MSRP of 34,800 yen. That's alot!

If you remember the post when I got the Sony DVMC-DA2, you would remember that device would notify you if the signal being captured had Macrovision. You also probably remember that the box did nothing to protect the image. The only issue was that the box was awful.

The Canopus is similar in protection. Normally, the box will have the brightness and contrast lowered when it detects Macrovision, resulting in an ugly picture. Despite the implementation, you can disable this protection. By holding the mode change button, the device will show the color bars test screen, but holding it for longer will completely disable the protection for as long as the box is powered on. It seems like it was intentional.

Despite this, the video captured from a VHS signal is a little wobbly, most likely due to the lack of a good TBC. TBC units go for a bajillion dollars, so I'm probably good with using my trusty Sony VCR to do the transferring.

It's weird how all 4 of my DV boxes either ignore Macrovision or have an internal workaround.

In the package with the ADVC-110, I also got other games.

Vib-ribbon on the PS1 was a rather hard find for under $10. I found an untested copy for $5, but it works just fine.

Recorded using the ADVC-110! I think I scaled it up wrong, it's not supposed to be 4K.

It's been more than a decade since I last played vib-ribbon. I'm pretty bad at it, mostly cause the generated charts are all over the place. It's a little easy to get used to.

Next is the hit Britney's Dance Beat. I saw this on Mercari, thought it was funny and bought it. It's in amazing condition!

I played a bit of it and frankly, it's pretty good. Timing is a bit specific but it's fun to play. The graphics reek of early-PS2 which I like a lot. It only has 5 songs, both full and short versions, but they're all pretty good music.

Next is Sonic Heroes. This is honestly the only Sonic game I really like and saw my favorite seller was selling it. The disc is very scratched, but a hard drive copy would do it some good. Like Puyo Puyo Fever, this game has multiple languages and loaded up in English.

I grew up playing the Xbox version, which runs at 60fps. It's jarring seeing this run at 30fps, but it's the PS2. Since I don't have my Xbox anymore (gave it to my brother), I'll play this version soon. I already copied it to my hard drive.

Finally, there is Crash Bandicoot 5, also known as Crash Twinsanity. Same seller was selling it and I wanted it cause Crash Bandicooot.

Disc seems to be in poor condition and has a ring scratch around the edge. The previous owner must've played it on a PS2 slim. A little disapointing...

I got one new CD this month. It's the Shaman King Image Album. Unfortunately, I know very little about Shaman King. I bought this CD because ABYSS sang a song for this album! It's SECRET WEAPON. It's alright.

As the song was made for a pretty popular series, it's available on YouTube.

Alan comes back with digging too deep into some more useless trash from Japan.

I finally got a nasne. I won a 1TB nasne for around $25. It was tested for power but not tested past that. I wanted to try to see if I could use the nasne as a file server. As you can see, the style of the nasne is similar to the PS3 slim.

The back of the unit holds the B-CAS card, antenna I/O, external HDD USB port, and the ethernet and power plugs.

While the unit was bare, it came with the B-CAS card, which is required to decrypt digital TV. The power adapter is a 12-volt one, which is used in many Sony products.

I connected the unit and waited for a bit to see if an error popped up. If there was an error, the LEDs would flash together. After a minute, the disk access light flickers like normal and the power light is steady. Next thing I know, my absolutely essential Xfinity app, not at all worthless, tells me a Sumitomo device was added to the network.

After finding the IP address, I visit the nasne's homepage. It seems to be working just fine. I scrolled to the bottom of the page which lists the storage status. It stated that over 700GB of storage space was already used. That's a lot! Now I just need to access it.

I tried accessing it over the general Windows file explorer, which brought me to Windows Media Player. There's loads of recordings from the previous owner, all of it being anime. The recordings are of a handful of series around late-2015 to late-2018. I later realized it's probably expecting a proper client, so I got on my PS3.

The PS3 detects the nasne's media server just fine, but playing anything would give me an error asking for DTCP-IP to be enabled. It appears that VLC and Windows Media Player wouldn't work because all the contents are encrypted. After a quick verification, I was able to play stuff without needing to get on torne.

I'm surprised that this only has a single content ID for the LoveLive ad.

After that, I used the torne application, which is one of the frontends to use the device. I had it installed out of curiosity, but I couldn't use it unless I had a USB digital tuner or a nasne. I recorded the menus and interface from the latest version. I hate using my Elgato.

The torne app contains a lot of features. You can watch programs over nasne and schedule recordings from the PS3, while also being able to tweet or comment about the program live.

The store page on the menu, which I didn't show, has additional themes, avatars, and functionality that you can pay for.

Pleasure by Makoto. This theme is included with the Torne Black theme.

One of the cheaper options are the app themes. These usually cost 500 yen and include new BGM. You're able to preview these themes for a while before purchasing. Since I can't use the nasne, I don't really care for the themes. The DLC is only just an unlock key, so the application itself already has the BGM, which sounds pretty good.

One function that you need to buy is the ability to export videos to a nav-u (car GPS) or a Walkman. This has the restrictions of exporting videos with Copy Once (more on that in a bit) but the option seems nice. It's weird having the option to export videos to a GPS though.

There is also the Reco x Torne option. This feature allows you to use Sony BD recorders from the torne app. This includes being able to view recordings and schedule future recordings on the recorder. One drawback seems to be that you aren't able to transfer recordings from nasne to those recorders, which means it's impossible to dub BD discs using torne programs with those recorders.

On the topic of payment, torne on PS3, PS4, and Vita are all free. The software is not free on some other platforms. The PC app requires a $20 payment after a 14-day free trial, while the mobile and PS5 app don't let you use the device at all unless you pay a fee.

The issue now is how to get these recordings out of the nasne. The DLNA server is protected with DTCP-IP, which is a form of DRM, and there's no way to crack it as far as I know. The only way to access these recordings is with the PC application, PC TV Plus. That name sounds like bloatware.

PC TV Plus is the PC interface for the nasne. It looks like something Microsoft could've passed out a decade ago. This software comes with a 14-day free trial, and requires a $20 purchase to access it on 1 computer. It seems odd, but the price is probably attributed to licensing.

PC TV Plus lets you burn all the recordings to a BD-R disc. This might be the only way, but it presents another issue: the Copy Once and Copy 10 feature.

Copy Once and Copy 10 are security bits that tell the recorder the avaliability of the program. If it's set to Copy Once, only one copy of the recording can exist at one time. If you want to copy the recording to a disc, you must delete it off the recorder. Copy 10 is similar, in which you can only copy it 9 times before it's locked for good.

PC TV Plus makes a database file containing every single program and it's information. I made a Python script that makes it easier to read. If you're interested in seeing what programs I have on my nasne, check this file. Please note that none of the names or descriptions are translated.

Now, I think I'm done with DVRs and whatever. I got a PSX and a nasne, it's so cool! I would be stupid to buy an actual BD recorder.

...I swear that is not foreshadowing of any kind.

Before I end this post, look at this toy I bought from Yahoo Auctions. I don't know who the hell this is. I bought it cause it looked funny. The tag says "Winter Afternoon" and is licensed by Sanrio. I checked so many Sanrio wikis and guides for who the hell this is and I can't find anything. It's a badger, but who? Is this a background character for a Hello Kitty cartoon? I don't know who the hell this is and looking up Windy Afternoon on Google only redirects me to the listing I got him from. I'm starting to think it's a bootleg.