Hello! I'm Alan! I made this site and it lives on the internet now.

Interests/hobbies: Retro video games, rhythm games, old electronics, J-pop, toons, jazz/swing music, web design

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top 10 songs most played in foobar2000
NO WAY MAN - AKB48 (2250 plays)
青春スタイル in 2003 - 亜熱帯マジ-SKA爆弾 feat. ワタナベマサキ (1562 plays)
恋愛レボリューション21 - モーニング娘。 (760 plays)
ライオン好き - AKIRA YAMAOKA (718 plays)
ブギートレイン’03 - 藤本美貴 (613 plays)
YELLOW DOG?(でっかいカミオ) - SNK (608 plays)
We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 (original mix) - DANCE☆MAN feat. Disっ娘 (603 plays)
We are Disっ娘よっつ打ち命 - DANCE☆MAN feat. Disっ娘 (558 plays)
LOVEマシーン - モーニング娘。 (537 plays)
Last Message - good-cool feat. Meg (532 plays)
LOL! - ApachE (425 plays)
foobar2000 time played: 2wk 2d 3h on main PC